Sports are a major part of The Royal Canadian Legion’s mandate. Legion 618 supports and promotes two separate sports programs—one for Legion members called Member Sports and a program for Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 17 called Youth Athletics. The branch highly recommend maximum participation by its members, it enhances comradeship, sportsmanship and membership.


These programs involves a large segment of the Legion membership through play-offs at the branch, zone, district and provincial command level; the provincial command winners compete at the Dominion Championship. The sporting events help keep members active physically and involves many members in organizing and administering the events. The championships generate public relations for the host branch through local media coverage, and in many instances, direct involvement by the community at large.

Our Legion has many events, but each of these events requires lots of volunteers, please let me know if you want to help

Contact Tracy Boss -Sports Officer

For More Information on Zone Sports go to the following  link

Due Covid 19 Restrictions  all Sports are on Hold

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