Poppy Campaign runs from Friday Oct 27th-Friday Nov 10th 2017

Anyone interested in helping out with the Poppy Campaign please contact Sue McCormick at sue@mortgagesolutionteam.com or call 613-296-7653. If you are interest in a Poppy shift contact Barb Vant’Slot bvantslot@sympaticio.ca or call 613-836-7823.

Last year’s Total was $51,238.43!!!

Big Shout OUT to all our Volunteers!!!
We can not do it without all of YOU!
Poppy Blitz
was Sunday October 30 2016   we raised $6976.88 last year !
Big Thanks to all our 16 teams and Volunteers!!




This money is dedicated to our Veterans.

Please visit the National Ceremony website here for more information on where the poppy funds go to help our Veterans.

The major source of funding for the Legion to accomplish this most important work is the annual Poppy Campaign, the foundation of our Remembrance Program. It is the generosity of Canadians that enables the Legion to ensure that our veterans and their dependants are cared for and treated with the respect that they deserve. This November campaign, which sees Poppies distributed to Canadians of all ages, serves to perpetuate Remembrance by ensuring that the memory and sacrifices of our war veterans are never forgotten.

The Legion also maintains a leading role in the creation and care of memorials to the contributions and valour of our veterans and ex-service members. We are deeply honoured and proud to accept the task of organizing Remembrance ceremonies throughout the country, including the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa. In addition, working in concert with other veterans’ organizations and the Canadian government, the Legion has vowed to ensure that the preservation of the records and memories of our fallen heroes and returning veterans continues in perpetuity.