Congratulations To all Our Winners for 2015-16 Essay, Poem and Poster Contest



Lauren Cheslock Won 1st Place!
for B&W Intermediate Level at Dominion Command Level

Laren 1


Her poster will be displayed at the War Museum for one year and she will receive $1000 and a plaque.

Congratulations to LaurenIMG_0079-1


Click here to see this years Legion Command Winners

The Stittsville Legion is proud to say many of our other first place winners have also moved on to District.

They are:

Katie MacEachern

Serana Kam
Lauren Cheslock
Grace Muluihill
Payton Neilson
Abrigail Gambicourt


The Following are our 2016 Winners from Branch 618:

Category Name Level
Poster B&W Payton Neilson  1st Primary 1-3
Jack Stacey  2nd Primary 1-3


Primary Level Poster Winners

from left Jack Stacey, Payton Neilson, Abigail Gambicourt, Jude Hopkins and Abigail Martin ,behind them Judy Campbell and Sue McCormick

 photo Credit :John Brummell Stittsville News
Poster Colour Abigail Gambicourt 1st Primary 1-3
Jude Hopkins 2nd Primary 1-3
Abigail Martin 3rd Primary 1-3
Poster B&W Grace Muluihill 1st Junior 4-6
Juliette Riffault 2nd Junior 4-6
Caroline Davy 3rd Junior 4-6
Junior Level Poster Contest Winners

Legion Awards Two

left  front row Juliette Riffault, Caroline Davy,Jake Lauzon and Andrew Strotmanne behind them Judy Campbell, Sue McCormick and Monique Vail


 photo credit: John Brummill Stittsville News
Poster Colour Jake Lauzon 1st Junior 4-6
Andrew Strotmann 2nd Junior 4-6
Hayden Oliver 3rd Junior 4-6
Poetry Juliette Riffault 1st Junior 4-6
Erin Dippel 2nd Junior 4-6
Emma Parrell 3rd Junior 4-6
 Junior Level Poetry and Essays Catagories

Legion Awards Three

front row from left,Juliette Riffault, Erin Dippel, Emma Parrell, and Alison Kam

behind them Judy Campbell, Sue McCormick and Ron Currie

 photo credit: John Brummell Stittsville News
Essay Erin Dippel 1st Junor 4-6
Alison Kam 2nd Junior 4-6
Ewan Buckley 3rd Junior 4-6
Poster B&W Laurianne Riffault 1st Intermediate 7-9
Charlotte O’Brien 2nd Intermediate 7-9
Alice O’Brien 3rd Intermediate 7-9
Poster Colour Lauren Cheslock 1st Intermediate 7-9
Willem Girard 2nd Intermediate 7-9
Laurianne Riffault 3rd Intermediate 7-9
 Intermediate Level Poster

Legion Awards Four Really

from left, front row: Charlotte O’Brien, Laurianne Riffault, Alice O’Brien,Lauren Cheslock and Willem Girard back row Judy Campbell and Sue McCormick

 photo credit: John Brummell Stittsville News
Poetry Grace Lumsden 1st Intermediate 7-9
Laurianne Riffault 2nd Intermediate 7-9
Alice O’Brien 3rd Intermediate 7-9
 Intermediate and Senior Level Winners

Legion Awards Five

are front row from left, Grace Lumsden, Larianne Riffault, Alice O’Brien, Serena Kam and Hailey MacEachern

Poster B&W Serena Kam 1st Senior 10-12
Poster Colour Serena Kam 1st Senior 10-12
Poetry Serena Kam 1st Senior 10-12
Essay Katie MacEachern 1st Senior 10-12
Hailey MacEachern 2nd Senior 10-12

Congratulations to all! We hope to many entries again next year!